Fridge on rent

Fridge on Rent

Fridge on rent

Need a fridge for a new home?

MACEs Cooling Solutions number #1 in providing fridge on rent. What about those who are just setting up a home, everyone in Gurgaon needs a fridge. A couple who have just moved into a place of their own or moved away from their home town need the basic appliances.

Imagine a situation with a young couple who have just moved to Gurgaon with entry level jobs, juggling between home and office wondering how they are going to manage on their meagre income.

It is hardly possible to expect them to start dishing out huge sums of money to purchase the necessary electronic household appliances.

This is where the rental service comes in very handy. Rent a fridge till you can afford to buy the fridge you desire. You can call us and take a fridge on rent in Gurgaon

We are also dealing in AC on Rent and Service/Repair in Gurgaon