Fridge on rent

Fridge on rent in Gurgaon

If you are a short-stayer if says 2-6 months then it is highly recommended to have a fridge on rent in Gurgaon instead of buying one. Let’s see why?

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A fridge is the standard home appliance that you will find in every Indian house, except for those located in the higher regions of a hill station. Gurgaon and the surrounding areas have a huge climatic change over the seasons. The extreme heat during the summer months calls for some cool refreshments and chilled water.

A family that is settled in Gurgaon is well equipped to face the seasons and have all the necessary appliances.

Affordable Fridge on Rent in Gurgaon

When you rent a fridge your need is being taken care of. In the meanwhile, you can start saving to buy the fancy fridge that you saw and have been dreaming of owning.

You don’t need to buy the cheapest available, any model small fridge just because it is all you can afford at the moment.

With the option of having a fridge on rent in Gurgaon, you can now accumulate your finances and plan for the make and model of the fridge that you always wanted for your home.

You no longer have to feel constrained by the necessity of a fridge and settling for less.

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A bachelor who has relocated and living alone may not need much in his apartment but he definitely needs a fridge. Does he plan to buy one? He’s not even sure how long he is going to be in Gurgaon or in that flat.

The best option is to rent a fridge. No capital investment and no asset accumulation. Probably all the fridge will ever see is leftover food, water and beer or who knows.

Even if just for chilled water a fridge is a necessity. The moment you decide you can do without is when you start realising how useful it would be to have one.


Fridge stops working

What do you do when the fridge you own suddenly stops working and the repair is going to take a long while?

A fridge is a necessity and a home with a family cannot manage without one. The simple solution to tide your days over is to rent a fridge.

This way you do not have to suffer the inconvenience of having no fridge for the interim period.

In most cases when a fridge does pack up, it is a major problem and usually, the repair will take a number of days and cost a large amount.

At MACES cooling solutions we can help you by fridge on rent in Gurgaon.

At this juncture, many people end up deciding to dispose the old fridge and consider purchasing a new fridge with the latest features.

Some ladies even believe that when a household appliance like a fridge or air conditioner, iron, toaster etc. gets spoilt it is a sign from the Gods that it is time to upgrade and buy a new model one.

What an auspicious occasion. A new fridge certainly brings a lot of joy to a household.


Benefits of using a fridge on rent in Gurgaon

One may wonder what the benefits of using a fridge are. Why do we use a fridge?

The most common uses of a fridge in an Indian home are for storing food and cooling water. A home in Gurgaon cannot survive without a fridge.

  • Preservation of food: The general room temperature is not suitable for keeping food fresh for a long duration of time. The heat causes the food to go bad and hence leads to wastage. When food is kept under a 5°C temperature it can last for a longer duration. In an Indian home, the left-over food is usually kept under refrigeration for the next meal or the next day. Some of the modern families do not have much time to prepare all meals so they cook in advance, usually in the morning, for the future meals of the day and keep it in the fridge.
  • Keep vegetables fresh: Buying fresh vegetables on a daily basis is sometimes not possible especially if the market is a little distant from the house. In such situations the vegetable shopping is done for a few days altogether and sometimes even stock for a week is brought together, which is usually the case with a working lady. These vegetables are all kept in the vegetable tray at the bottom of the fridge. This tray has been specially designed with a controlled air flow to keep vegetable garden fresh for up to a week.
  • Cold water: During the hot summer months chilled water is the best refreshment that one can have. The bottle racks are full of water bottles and leave little space for much else. Cool and refreshing drinks are also stored in the fridge.
  • Prevent items from melting: The hot summer heat is not kind to items like chocolates and ice creams. These items need to be kept under refrigeration to retain their original state. They need to be eaten almost as soon as they are removed from the fridge especially during the hot summer months.


Maintaining a fridge on rent in Gurgaon

For optimal performance, a fridge needs a little bit of maintenance and care from the user.

  • Keep the inside clean: The insides of the fridge especially the air flow vents need to be kept clean. Cleanliness helps to prevent the spread of bacteria. Some higher model fridges have anti-bacterial protection but unfortunately, most fridges do not, hence it is essential that the interiors of the fridge be kept clean to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Keep closed as much as possible: Open only the fridge when it is necessary, avoid keeping the door open for long periods of time as this allows the cooling of the fridge to escape.
  • Air vents: One need to ensure that the air flow vents are not blocked. These are usually along the back of the fridge and this circulates cool air which keeps the fridge cool. If the vents are blocked the fridge will not cool.


Driving efficiency from your fridge on rent in Gurgaon

The efficiency of your fridge is when it is cooling food the way it is supposed to and is working well. The water bottles are cooling in the stipulated time and in general your food remains fresh.

To get optimal efficiency from your fridge it depends on the way you use it. Keeping the fridge door open for long durations allows the cooling to escape and hence the cooling effect for the food contained within is reduced. Avoid cluttering the fridge; do not stuff your fridge beyond capacity.

When you look inside your fridge it should not look stuffed. In some cases if the items stored are not organised properly the fridge can look like it is in a state of confusion.

However, trying to put more things in the fridge when there is no further space just reduces the efficiency of your fridge and food may start to spoil.


Air circulation inside the fridge

When you hire a fridge on rent in Gurgaon than you always wanted to take the maximum benefits from it. Allowing enough space inside the fridge for air circulation is very important for the proper functioning of the appliance.

The cooling in the fridge is basically performed by a cool draft of air which is disbursed in the fridge through the air vents.

The cooling air vents are usually located at the back of the fridge and it is necessary not to block or cover these air vents.

Placing large containers or objects that obstruct the flow of air from these air vents is not recommended and could hamper the efficiency and cooling of the inside of the fridge.


Ensure the fridge door is properly closed

Ensure that your fridge door is securely closed. Most fridges have a rubber gasket that runs all along the edges of the door, this ensures that the fridge is air locked and it is also to prevent the entry of dust and germs into the fridge. It helps in keeping the interiors clean.

The door seal also has a slight suction ability and when the door is almost closed it pulls the door to ensure that it is shut. In a newer fridge, this rubber gasket may be very effective, however over a period of time the rubber wears down and the suction ability reduces.

So if your fridge is older you need to ensure that the door is properly closed so as to allow the fridge interiors to cool and let the content of the fridge maintain the required internal temperature. In a home with children the importance of ensuring that the fridge door is closed is essential Just call MACES and we will provide you a best fridge on rent in Gurgaon.

Children have a habit of not closing the fridge properly either because they are in a hurry or the item they have procured from the fridge is of better interest.

Door Alarm in fridge on rent in Gurgaon

Some of the high-end model fridges have a door alarm. This alarm will alert you if the door is not closed properly and will continue to make a noise until the door is pushed shut.

These alarms are also timer based, so if you have the fridge door open for longer than a certain duration the door alarm will start making a noise.

In a way, this is a useful feature as it makes a person consciously aware that the fridge door has been open for a longer duration which is not suitable for the existing contents of the fridge.

This alarm can, however, be quite irritating at times when you are cleaning the fridge and need it to remain open for longer than usual.


Freezer compartment of your fridge on rent in Gurgaon

The freezer compartment is used most commonly to make ice. Frozen foods and items that need to be kept under minus temperatures are stored in the freezer.

Non-veg items are best kept in the freezer. The freezer should be exactly 20° C cooler than the fridge. In most homes, the freezer is less frequently used and hence is able to maintain its cold temperature more effectively.

Another common use of the freezer is to store ice cream. At times the freezer is also used as a quick cool option in many Indian homes. If some food or milk is too hot it is put in the freezer to cool quickly.

A common use of the freezer is also to cool water and drinks quickly. This, however, is dangerous as on many occasions people tend to forget about the bottle in the freezer.

The density of ice is greater than that of water or most liquids when the bottle is left in the freezer for a longer duration it freezes and the content expand.

A glass bottle or even a plastic bottle will burst or crack with the formation of ice inside it. Putting liquids in the freezer is not recommended.


Efficiency rating of a fridge on rent in Gurgaon

Every fridge has an energy efficiency rating. This is usually represented in the form of stars. A one-star fridge has a lower energy efficiency rating than a five-star fridge.

This affects the amount of energy consumed by the general operation of the fridge. The only reason people still purchase models with a lower energy efficiency rating is because of the cost factor.

A five-star fridge is more expensive than a one or two-star fridge. Usually, most people tend to settle for a fridge depending on their budget.

Practically the investment cost in ratio to the energy cost over a period of time is not very proportionate. A lower rating would mean an excess of few hundred or a thousand or so in energy cost per year.


We always guide our visitors as well as customer to buy for right things instead of buying a new AC you can take an old AC from us and we will take care of its repair and maintenance work. You just enjoy your stay in Gurgaon.

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